Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Competition towing loops and timing strut etc

Towing hoop

I am not predicting the need to be towed off any tracks in the near future but just in case, as I had the time during this restoration, I decided to add them front and back. I thought long and hard about how to attach them. There is little guidance for 7 style cars despite trawling the forums. Most appear to favour the TRS type towing loop (as I have used) but attached to the wishbone suspension bolts. In my opinion this could be hazardous to the bodywork if a change in direction is required and the tow rope is on the wrong side. I also plan to use this for getting the car on to the trailer bed, The winch gets fouled if  the line is attached to one side or other of the suspension.

I elected to make some custom brackets and attach them to the chassis strong points, in the middle and with no bodywork obstructions. I used a press stud to keep the loop out of the way when not in use. The TRS loop could be removed for road use. The TRS loop is held in place with an M12 bolt + lock nut.


There is a contents page Link

Front loop

Rear loop

Timing Strut

Should I get brave enough to enter a MSA rules hill climb/sprint then I guess I will need one of these.


The bulkhead had at least three points of entry into the cockpit for any fluids.

* The battery box (which has been moved)
* The clutch master cylinder
* The foot rest

The clutch master is an odd device, it does not look like a car or bike part. I guess that will be a challenge to find spares should it fail. It has an unusual bespoke attachment method to the bulkhead which leaves a gap. I managed to find a rubber boot from RS components that seals this up nicely. I must find out which parts bin it is from.


  1. The master cylinder looks to me like a motorcycle rear brake master cylinder. Pretty common to use these for the clutch on BEC.
    Nice little blog BTW.

  2. The slave cylinder is a Hewland and appears to be still available from demon tweeks. I found a seal for it so did not have to replace it this time. Thanks for your comment!